Leslie & Family – Winter Springs Family Photography

This fall I had the honor of Photographing the wonder Leslie and her family, including both her and her husband’s mother.  It was such a fun session and I rubbed my hands together gleefully as I ran off with my camera and a whole bunch of photos to edit!  Leslie, you have a beautiful family.  […]

An Epiphany, of sorts.

I attend Weight Watchers.  I’ve been with Weight Watchers, on and off, for most of the past 30 years.  I’ve lost weight, and I’ve gained it back many times over those 30 years.  My husband, being a smart ass, says it’s because my goal has always been to lose weight, and when you lose something, […]


– After many, many months of anxiety, anticipation and fear that we might not get approved for Disability for John, the call finally comes in.

It’s a boy!!

When you’re expected to be an authority on all things British…

Tomorrow …

After months of waiting and anticipation, the day for John’s Disability Hearing is almost upon us…


When the Congresswoman came through for us… aka the day we got the date for John’s Disability Hearing.