Who is in the Nest?

Living the crazy life, in more ways than one.  With two teenage boys in the roost and a husband with PTSD, it’s never boring around here.  

I looked up Cuckoo’s Nest, and did you know they don’t have one? They just lay their eggs in other bird’s nests!  Well, all the the birds in my nest belong to me, but the name comes from the book, “One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, however reflecting the fact that we are living the life, I changed it up a little. 

So there’s me, Kerry.  Wife. Mother. Artist. Realtor. The Boss. I run the nest and take care of those under my wing.  They would be, my husband, John and my kids, Spud and Puff, for the purpose of this blog. 


KW Ignite

My first day of “How to be a Realtor” training with Keller Williams’ Ignite Training…

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